Nutrition & Fertility

In the UK 70% of couples struggle to conceive and ¼ of pregnancies can end in miscarriage – so many couples are looking at fertility treatments to have a baby. The most common cause of infertility is ‘unexplained’ where there is no identifiable medical problem.  A natural approach to fertility has been very successful as there is often more than one element at the root of the problem.

Nutritional Fertility Programmes

It takes 3 months for eggs to mature and become ready for ovulation – it also takes 3 months for sperm to develop. So my fertility programmes last for a 12 week period – giving a real chance to improve your fertility. If you have opted for IVF treatment my nutritional fertility programmes will help improve the chance of your treatment being successful.

My programmes

Natural fertility programmes start from £330 for a 12 week programme.

Programmes Include:

90 minute initial face-to-face consultations with full health and diet assessment.


Individual nutrition plans including diet support and lifestyle recommendations., together with a supplement programme to help improve your fertility.


Programmes include coaching support to make sure you achieve and stay with those changes in diet and lifestyle.

A 1-off  full body review of your nutritional status,  sex hormones, stress hormones  and testing for food allergies using bio-resonance technology is available.  This session provides a very detailed and comprehensive review of your body and how it is working and any deficiencies that need to be addressed – Cost £125

*My premium fertility package also includes a 1-off review of your nutritional status, hormones stress hormones and food allergies, providing a very detailed and comprehensive review of your body and how it is working and any deficiencies.

"We had been trying for a baby for about 18 months and I had previously had 2 miscarriages.I signed up for one of Alison’s Nutritional Programmes and after the 3 month programme felt better in myself and more energetic.  I’m thrilled to say that we are expecting a baby girl in 2 months’ time."