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Are you struggling to get pregnant?

Let me help you to achieve that happy, healthy pregnancy with my natural approach to fertility issues.

Fertility Nutrition

In the UK 70% of couples struggle to conceive and ¼ of pregnancies can end in miscarriage – so many couples are looking at fertility treatments to have a baby. The most common cause of infertility is ‘unexplained’ where there is no identifiable medical problem.  A natural approach to fertility has been very successful as there is often more than one element at the root of the problem.

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Alison Van Haeften Nutrition

Hi Im Alison

I'm a trained nurse, nutritional therapist and health coach based in Hampshire. I work with women who have hormonal problems and are struggling with fertility, weight gain, painful periods,  or hot flushes and energy problems during the menopause.

To find out how my programmes can benefit you, please get in touch for a Discovery chat.

How can I help you?

"I was struggling with low energy and my hormones really felt out of balance.  Alison helped me with making changes in my diet and encouraged me to commit to an exercise programme.  After a while my energy improved and hormones felt less disrupted.  I now really understand how important diet is to being healthy."

Top 5 Snacks
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