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Are you

Struggling with your hormones?

Get your mojo back
& feel good every day.

Feel great everyday!

Using food and lifestyle changes –  find the new you. Fed up too with that stubborn weight around the middle – it is possible to lose weight without cutting out all your favourite foods.

Feeling like your hormones mess up your life?  Or that you plan your life around your next period?  Struggle with PMS, irregular or painful periods or get up at night with ‘hot flushes’ Or wanting to lose weight permanently so that you won’t need to keep looking for your next diet plan. 


I can help you find the ‘new’ you using food and lifestyle changes.

Alison Van Haeften Nutrition

Hi Im Alison

I'm a trained nurse, nutritional therapist and health coach based in Hampshire.


I work with women with hormonal problems – whether you’re struggling with weight gain, painful periods, or hot flushes and energy problems during the menopause.

You can see my 121 programmes below to find out how I can help you, or you can find out more about me here:

How can I help you?

"I was struggling with low energy and my hormones really felt out of balance.  Alison helped me with making changes in my diet and encouraged me to commit to an exercise programme.  After a while my energy improved and hormones felt less disrupted.  I now really understand how important diet is to being healthy."

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